Obey the law!

It should not be that difficult to obey the law. It should be a matter of common sense; however, it stands to reason that a newly arrived immigrant in the United States would be ignorant of the law. If I moved to Mexico, I would be in the same sort of situation. But if you do something that is illegal and are arrested or given a ticket, a police officer will tell you that ignorance of the laws of a country, a state, or a city is not a good excuse for breaking those laws. So, first, you have to learn what the laws are, and then you can obey them.

The obvious laws are easy: stealing, assault, murder, and arson can land you in jail very quickly. But less obvious laws such as loitering, littering, or using your cell phone while driving may also be punishable to some degree. It depends on where you live.

So it's important to learn about the law. This section of the website can help you with that.


The video below is subtitled, so you can listen to the audio and read the text at the same time:


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