In order to get a job, you will probably have to fill out an application. This video can provide you with important information and advice regarding this process:


The most important things for you to do on a job application are as follows:

  • Write legibly. This means that you must use your best handwriting and it must be readable.

  • Fill in all of the blanks. If you don't know what to say or write, get someone to help you.  It's okay to have someone help you fill out a job application.

  • Don't lie. If you lie on a job application and get the job you applied for, the employer may fire you if he or she learns that you lied on the application.

  • Don't use a pencil. Use an ink pen with blue or black ink.

  • If you are required to fill out an application online, it's a good idea to print it out first, fill in the blanks, and then complete the online application. The reason for this is so that you can remember what kind of information you provided, and you will have information ready if you have to fill out another online application form for a different job.

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