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The word "tenacious" can be used to describe anyone who works very hard, despite the challenge or the level of difficulty. (Synonyms: persistent; determined; industrious; dogged)

  • Reggie is a very tenacious and diligent little boy. (diligent = hard working)

  • Thanks to some very tenacious employees, the company was able to pull through some tough times.

  • My dog is tenacious when it comes to playing fetch. He never wants to stop.

The word “tenacity” is a noun.

  • Thanks to the tenacity of the employees, the work was completed on time.

  • Motivation and tenacity will take you far in life.

  • What he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for in his tenacity.

The word “tenaciousness” is also a noun. It has same meaning as tenacity.

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