FRUGAL What does it mean to be frugal?




A person who is frugal is careful about how he or she spends money. The word "frugal" is an adjective.

  mechandise on sale These things are on sale.

  • Frugal shoppers wait for merchandise to go on sale before they make a purchase.

  • Dollar stores attract people who are frugal.

  • Aaron is 98 years old. He attributes his longevity to a frugal lifestyle.

  • Sometimes I think I'm overly frugal, but it comes from having grown up in a household where money was scarce.

  • Thrift stores and consignment shops are places that sell  used clothing and furniture to people who are frugal and don't mind buying things second hand. (second hand =  used by someone else prior to your possession of it)


The word "frugality" is a noun.

  • My friend, Sasha, has a reputation for frugality.

  • For a lifetime of frugality, Jonathan was rewarded with a comfortable retirement.

  • Frugality may do more harm than good in situations when a person is penny wise but pound foolish.



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