If someone or something is efficient, it works very well. It's good to be efficient. We use this word for machines, organizations, and for workers.

 efficient Toyota Prius

  • A Toyota Prius is a very efficient car.

  • It has a reputation for being efficient.

  • Maria is a very efficient worker.

  • She was commended by her supervisor for being an efficient and reliable employee.

  • She does her job very efficiently. (The word "efficiently" is an adverb.)

  • Doug wasn't doing his job efficiently enough, so he was let go.

  • A government agency that doesn't operate efficiently might need to be restructured.

  • We need to get rid of our water heater. It's not very energy efficient.


The word "efficiency" is a noun.

  • The Toyota Prius has a reputation for efficiency.

  • Maria was commended for her efficiency at work.

  • We need to improve our efficiency.

  • The teachers at the school pride themselves on their efficiency.





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