To demonstrate something is to show it or provide evidence. The word "demonstrate" is a verb. The simple form of the verb is "demonstrate." The past tense is "demonstrated," and the past participle is "demonstrated."

simple past past participle
demonstrate demonstrated demonstrated


 man demonstrating a machine

He's demonstrating how the machine operates.

  • The technician demonstrated the operation of the machine.

  • Can you demonstrate the proper pronunciation of a word for me?

  • Would you mind demonstrating how the oven works?

  • The software was demonstrated for the audience.

  • A  teacher needs to demonstrate his or her competence in the classroom.

  • An effective leader demonstrates integrity.


The word "demonstration" is a noun:

  • The audience thanked the young lady for the demonstration of the software. (The word "demonstration" is a noun.)

  • Everyone was impressed by the doctor's demonstration of patience during a difficult surgical procedure.


Sometimes the word "demonstrate" is used when there is a protest. A person who demonstrates shows opposition to a person or a group in power.

  • Protesters demonstrated against the use of force by police.

  • Former workers at that company are demonstrating against unfair labor practices.

  • A large gathering of women demonstrated against the inappropriate behavior of the President.

  • The demonstrators are carrying signs and chanting slogans. (A person who demonstrates is called a demonstrator.")

  • The demonstration was attended by well over a thousand people. (The word "demonstration" is a noun.)


They're demonstrating in favor of new laws that would protect bicyclists who use city streets.


The adjective form of "demonstrate" is "demonstrable."  The adverb form of this word is "demonstrably."

  • To become an astronaut requires a demonstrable knowledge of physics.

  • Working in a coal mine has resulted in demonstrable physical injuries for thousands of coal miners.

  • A comparison between the two machines shows that the older machine is demonstrably inefficient.

  • Claims made during the trial by the defendant were demonstrably false.




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