A curb is a raised area where the street and a sidewalk or the side of the street meet. A curb is sometimes called a gutter. It's usually made of cement. A curb looks like this:

  This is a curb.

Here are some examples of how the word "curb" might be used in a sentence:

  • We're going to sit on the curb and watch the parade.

  • The city is fixing our curbs.

  • Rain and wastewater flow over the curb and towards a sewer.

  • Park your car along the curb.

    The car is parked along the curb.


It's also possible to use the word "curb" as a verb. To curb something is to limit it or reduce it.

  • Some members of Congress want to curb legal immigration into the United States.

  •  The doctor prescribed soime medication which would help curb my appetite.

  • The police want to curb the number of people who loiter around downtown.


The phrase "curb appeal" refers to how desirable a thing looks from the point of view of a person standing in the street or driving by in a car.

  • Their house has great curb appeal.

  • Landscaping helps to improve a house's curb appeal.

  • The building has no curb appeal.




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