To confirm something is to make sure that it is scheduled or planned. It's common practice to confirm appointments and reservations. To confirm something is also to make sure that it's true or accurate.

  • I called the hotel to confirm my reservation.

  • "I'd like to confirm a reservation I made for  June 3, please."

  • The doctor's office called Sarah to confirm her appointment.

  • We  confirmed that our flight was on time when we arrived at the airport.

  • The nurse asked the patient to confirm her last name and date of birth.

  • Experiments conducted by scientists confirm whether their ideas are valid or not.


The word "confirmation" is a noun. When something is known to be true, or when trying to find out if something is true, you can use this noun:

  • We received confirmation that our hotel room is reserved for next week.

  • There's been no confirmation of the number of fatalities involved in the accident.

  • Confirmation hearings are held for appointees to positions in government.

  • An R.S.V.P. provides confirmation that a person will attend an event or a party. (R.S.V.P. = Repondez s'il vous plait, French for "reply if you please.")


Note: The words "confirm" and "confirmation" are also used when referring to a Jewish or Christian rite of passage for followers and servants of those faiths.


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