The word “articulate” can be an adjective or a verb. It depends on how the word is pronounced.

We use the word “articulate” as an adjective if a person speaks a language well. He or she has good pronunciation, makes good vocabulary choices, and knows how to structure sentences well.

  • He's a very articulate speaker.

  • That young journalist is smart and articulate.

  • We couldn’t hire the man who applied for the job because he wasn’t very articulate.

  • We need someone who’s articulate.

  • A person can learn to be articulate, but it takes a lot of concentration and practice.

The word “articulate” is a verb. To articulate is to say something very carefully. A person has an important message to communicate.

  • She had a hard time articulating her position.

  • The representative of the labor union articulated the demands of the workers.

  • Young children are often unable to articulate their feelings.

The word “articulation” is a noun. Articulation is the manner in which someone speaks.

  • British articulation of English is different from its American counterpart.

  • A person who reads the news on radio or television needs excellent articulation.

  • The students practiced articulation in a speech class.

  • Problems with articulation in childhood can lead to difficulty in the classroom.


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